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Tarangini foundation strives to create a society in which the contributions and efforts of women are acknowledged, appreciated, and respected.

Tarangini Foundation is a feminist non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s rights. We are committed to documenting feminist movements, addressing the need for self-care for women’s rights activists, and promoting a self-representative feminist movement through our various programs and initiatives. Our programs include psychosocial counselling, trauma-informed care, integrated security, and Feminist Capacity Building and Mentoring Program. Our feminist capacity-building and mentoring program supports young women and women’s rights activists to understand and develop a feminist perspective, empowering them to break isolation, build solidarity, foster mutual learning and support, and improve the movement’s sustainability.

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Tarangini Foundation addresses the need for self-care through approaches such as psychosocial counseling, trauma-informed care, and integrated security.

Feminist Capacity Building with Mentoring

Tarangini Foundation is providing feminist capacity-building trainings and mentoring sessions to help young women understand and develop a feminist perspective.

Feminist Documentation

We amplify women’s voices and inspire action.

Right to Work

Our goal is to empower working women to raise their voices, bring attention to workplace issues through training and awarness raising programs and support development of their skills.

Women Health

Advancing women’s health and well-being through mental health care, advocacy and the protection of sexual and reproductive rights.

Gender equality and women’s leadership

We are committed to advancing gender equality, fostering women’s leadership and working towards ending gender-based violence through our campaign.

Achivements and Impact

  • Enhancing the abilities and skills of feminist and young feminist activists.
  • Increased awarness of community to create a supportive environment for psychosocial counseling.
  • Sparked a conversation on the need for mental health policies, particularly post-Covid-19.
  • Igniting campaign on right to labour
  • Trained deputy mayors and deputy chairpersons in partnership with local governments.
  • Strengthened team foundation with updated policies, reports and documents.
  • Trained 43 new psychosocial counselors.

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Linking dots Together and Making the Difference

Empowering grassroots women to access services, secure livelihoods, achieve justice and address psychosocial needs post COVID-19 through collective advocacy and building a sustainable support system for a transformative rebuilding process.