Championing Freedom, Equality and Justice : International Human Rights Day”

Every year on December 10th, the world observes International Human Rights Day, which serves as both a global call to action and a ray of hope. Honoring the day, Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was ratified in 1948, human rights have gained international recognition and increased protection over the years, this event […]

“Embracing Diversity: Advocating for Inclusive Societies on International Day of Persons with Disabilities” 

In a world that thrives on diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities, observances like Disability Day hold significant importance. It’s a time to acknowledge the achievements, resilience, and unique perspectives of individuals with disabilities. Beyond celebration, it’s also an opportune moment to shed light on the vital aspect of the right to work for everyone, irrespective […]

What we ask governments to do for migrant care workers

80 percent of the world’s women care workers face labor informality and lack of recognition, and women migrant care workers face even greater difficulties. The Kafala system and other employer-linked visas make their situation even more vulnerable. Care work goes unnoticed, is not properly remunerated and carries risks: it increases the risk of gender-based violence, […]

“Unveiling the Unseen: Championing Mental Health Rights for Women Workers”

Introduction: Women workers are one group that frequently remains unacknowledged in a society when mental health is receiving more attention. Everybody has a right to bask in the radiance of mental health, regardless of gender, region, or occupation. The story of women workers’ mental health, particularly that of those employed in the unorganized sector, is, […]

Finding Balance: Promoting mental health and wellbeing of female workers

Finding the ideal balance between work and personal life can be challenging in today’s fast-paced society. Many of us are constantly working, trying to improve, and balancing our personal obligations and responsibilities. To be happy and healthy overall, one must maintain a healthy work-life balance. Women have overcome obstacles to become an essential component of […]