Advocating for Women’s Work Rights: 5-Day Training Held in Banepa

A five-day training was organized by Tarangini Foundation with the goal of facilitating women workers to take the lead in advocating for their rights to decent work. As a result, a network called “Shram Jivi Mahila Sanjaal” was formed, bringing together women from various fields, including returnee migrant workers, domestic workers, entertainment sector workers, and sex workers. The training aimed to help these women delve deeper into their issues and develop the skills and strategies necessary to raise awareness and bring about change.

A comprehensive discussion was held on the definition of work and “decent work,” as well as the factors that prevent women’s work from being recognized as work. It was emphasized that it is crucial for all workers, regardless of their backgrounds, to understand that although the nature of women’s work may vary, the underlying issue remains the same: harmful societal values, patriarchal mindsets, and unequal power dynamics between men and women. The participants acknowledged that it is time for a unified effort to raise awareness and advocate for women’s work, which is at the root of all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

The connection between “decent work” and economic sustainability was explored during the discussion. A power map was utilized to identify the entities that could be instrumental and influential in this campaign, as well as those that could be less helpful. It was acknowledged that effective advocacy requires not only speaking up, but also using the right words in the right context. This includes having strong leadership skills, a clear understanding of the subject matter, and the ability to choose the appropriate communication style, whether it be polite negotiation or public demonstrations.