Advocating for Women’s Work Rights: 5-Day Training Held in Banepa

A five-day training was organized by Tarangini Foundation with the goal of facilitating women workers to take the lead in advocating for their rights to decent work. As a result, a network called “Shram Jivi Mahila Sanjaal” was formed, bringing together women from various fields, including returnee migrant workers, domestic workers, entertainment sector workers, and […]


Journey towards ‘domestic women workers forum’

Domestic work is not considered as work neither from community level nor from state level and the workers are not getting any sort of services like contract paper, leave facilities, social security schemes which is generally provided to other works. Likewise, Nepal’s patriarchal society often treats domestic workers as disposable commodities. Domestic work is often […]


Elevating the Concerns of Female Workers to a National Priority

Tarangini Foundation recently held a successful national advocacy workshop, bringing together 105 participants to discuss the theme “Our Work, Our Identity.” Among those in attendance were Mr. Top Bahadur Magar, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, Honorable Mr. Gagan Thapa, a newly elected member of the House of Representatives, and Honorable Dr. Binda Pandey, […]


Empowering Women in Nepal’s Informal Employment Sector: Celebrating 11th International Domestic Workers Day

In context of Nepal, women in informal employment sector are mostly involved in domestic work, entertainment sector and sex work and majority are unpaid. (Nepal Jobs Diagnostic, 2020). Women make up 37.2% of the employed labor force in Nepal, but only 33.5% of employed women are engaged in formal sector with 66.5% working in informal […]


Prioritizing Self-Care for Women Human Rights Defenders

The Tarangini Foundation has faciliated self-care training to Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in Udaypur and Dang to help them manage stress and improve their overall well-being. The training focuses on issues such as taking care of oneself, strengthening oneself from within, and developing skills in analyzing situations and stress management. The foundation believes that self-care is essential for effectively helping others and leading a quality life.


Making the base for evidence-based advocacy; FPAR with women construction workers, entertainment sector, and sex workers.

Tarangini Foundation is partnering with Women Forum for Women Nepal, Nepal Mahila Ekta Samaj and Jagriti Mahila Maha Sangh to conduct a Feminist Participatory Action Research project which aims to empower 35 co-researchers by building capacity, strengthening support infrastructure and creating intergenerational relationships through workshops and research focused on women’s work and identity in patriarchal societies, with the ultimate goal of enabling the co-researchers to advocate for themselves and their rights on a fact-based manner.


Linking dots Together and Making the Difference

The pandemic had resulted heightened level of concern and massive public reaction as it hampered various aspects of peoples’ lives. Moreover, lockdown followed by social distancing and quarantine had added more pain and challenges for women. Violence against women had increased by many folds, justice became difficult if not impossible. Women working in informal sector […]


Psychosocial counseling training

Tarangini Foundation completed a training for psychosocial counselors who are equipped with the skills to improve well-being, alleviate distress and enhance coping skills for individuals, families, and groups. The organization recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in patriarchal societies, where they are constantly under surveillance, leading to high levels of stress, anxiety and other mental health issues