Overcoming Trauma with Psychosocial Support in flood-affected Sindupalchowk

The devastating flood of June 15, 2021 caused by heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on settlements in Melamchi Municipality and Helambu Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok district, resulting in property damage and forcing households to evacuate.

For survivors of the devastating flood in Sindupalchowk, the aftermath was filled with uncertainty and fear. However, with the help of psychosocial counselors, they were able to find a ray of hope.

A woman from Melamchi shared her story of how the flood had drowned her hotel and left her anxious about her future and the future of her children.

“I was feeling lost and didn’t know how to cope with the aftermath of the flood. But after speaking with a psychosocial counselor, I was able to find some relief. They listened to me and provided me with useful self-care techniques, including deep breathing exercises, which helped me feel more at ease.”

A man from Melamchi who survived the flood recounts how he was carried away by the rushing waters and only managed to hold on to a tree for safety. The traumatic event left him with a constant fear of rivers and the loss of his friends only added to his distress. But, with the help of a psychosocial counselor, he was able to regain a sense of calm and hope for recovery.

“After being washed away 300 meters in the flood, I was left with trauma and fear every time I saw a river. However, talking to the psycho-social counselors helped me overcome my fears and I am now sleeping better.”

A young student who lost her school in the flood, shared how art and yoga helped them cope: “I was worried about my future and couldn’t go to school, but the sisters from Tarangini and WOREC gave me a drawing book and colors to paint. Expressing my emotions through art and practicing yoga in the morning made me feel fresh and helped me overcome my fears.”
Through the support of psychosocial counseling, these survivors were able to find a way to cope with their trauma and begin to heal. Psychosocial counseling can play in supporting survivors in the aftermath of a disaster. By providing a safe space to express emotions, offering coping strategies, and helping individuals regain a sense of control over their lives, these services can play a critical role in promoting recovery and resilience.