Developing the new generation feminists with mentorship and guidance.

Tarangini Foundation, an organization that prioritizes the empowerment of young women, recently conducted a Feminist Mentorship Training in Pokhara for young women human rights defenders. The training aimed to build capacity and potential, strengthen support infrastructure, and establish strong intergenerational relationships through coaching and exchange.

Feminist mentoring is the exchange of energy and ideas between feminist mentors and their mentees which in turn rejuvenates and re-energizes the feminist movement through intergenerational dialogues and conversations. Feminist mentoring takes more than one time. It takes building and cultivating trust, sustaining connectedness, allowing the mentee to journey at their own pace, helping the mentee managing difficult spaces and facilitating learning and unlearning.
Tarangini Foundation firmly believes that young women are not just the leaders of futures but are what we need at present too. However, without the necessary resources, knowledge, networks, movement strengthening skills and mentor-ship, they’re unable to jumpstart their path with fresh and energetic ideas for transformative social change off the ground. More importantly, few opportunities exist for young women leaders to engage with the generation of women’s right activists before them, often excluding their voices and collective power from established women’s movements which has created the need for feminist mentoring.

Tarangini prioritizes on the fact that there should always be the new generation leading and moving forward the campaign. For that, Tarangini is always ready for the essential mentorship and guidance required. On that regard, Tarangini Foundation had conducted a Feminist Mentorship Training to the young women human right defenders in Pokhara with an aim of building capacity and potential, strengthening their support infrastructure and building strong, long lasting intergenerational relationships of coaching and exchange. The main focus of this initiative is a model of mentorship, coaching and peer learning that bridges current gaps between older and younger feminist activists and between younger feminists themselves in order to break isolation, indifferences, build solidarity, foster mutual learning and support and enhance the sustainability of movements.
Tarangini therefore aims to lead such initiatives that shall lead to sustainable movements of social change led by a new generation of young women.

Tarangini Foundation firmly believes that young women are not just the leaders of futures but are what we need at present too.