Melamchi-Helambu flash flood and landslide

Nepal, a country full of rivers, hills, mountains, and natural resources. People from different country visit here to enjoy its nature. But as everything has a positive as well as a negative aspect, nature can be cruel sometimes. On 15th June 2021, in Sindupalchowk, a hilly part of Nepal, flash flood and landslide occurred which killed 5 people and damaged houses and bridges of Melamchi and Helambu area. Still 20 people are missing and has affected the lives of about 900 people.

The local people of those places can be seen suffering from different mental, emotional, physical, and economic crisis. People had invested all their savings on the houses, hotels, shops which were affected by the flash floods. Similarly, schools and other learning spaces were not spared as well. People were found traumatized by the floods and the landslide. Daily lives of the people there were affected badly.

Likewise, after seeing these crises in Melamchi and Helambu, Tarangini Foundation and WOREC had together started an intervention called “We are together” that provides psychosocial counseling to the population in need in order to enhance the mental wellbeing and regulate some coping behaviors in individuals. Tarangini Foundation deployed 4 counselors in Melamchi, 8 in Helambu, and 3 of our staff members. They had been continuously working for the betterment of people of the following area in the middle of the corona pandemic. The psychosocial counselors provided counseling to people of all age whereas, the staff members with the help of counselors conducted FGDs, KII, art therapies, health intervention, prevention on COVID-19, data collections, and self care sessions.