Holistic Security

Internal, external and digital security is essential for women’s wellbeing.  In Nepal, the feminist movements seem to be primarily concerned with the issues of inclusion, equal opportunity and participation in the various units of the state bodies. Further, it has also been focusing on the issues of women emancipation by securing their representation in the socio-political spheres. The movement started with the awareness campaign against the violence against women and now it has entered the socio-political spectrum of the country. The women’s movement has now reached into the new stage as it started to discuss about the enfranchisement and citizenship.

Despite all these attempts, the issue of women’s security has not been settled. Many discussions were being held which only addressed the women’s external security. But the issue of women’s internal security has always been lapsing. Women’s safety should be secured from their home. Hence, Tarangini Foundation pays a deeper attention on these issues and works for the REAL empowerment of women. And it is always best if the women could be empowered from their own home first.


  • Enabling WHRDs to live a stress free life.

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