Self- care is an essential aspect for individual’s wellbeing. It’s important that WHRDs who are active and are being harassed even by their family, friends and institutional authorities solely for who they are and what they do, gets this skill and start practicing in their daily lives. This is important to sustain activism and feminist struggle.  

Based on lived experience and leadership of founder of Tarangini foundation, our team has come up with self care training module (adopted Jane Barry’s integrated security manual) for WHRDs and started to give workshops to those who are in need. Now Tarangini aspires to reach to as many women (who are in need) as we can with these workshops.

In addition to this, Tarangini also provides Psychosocial counseling support training to the women activists who have been working in women’s issues since long with an objective to develop sensitive Psychosocial Counselors equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for psychosocial counseling from women’s perspectives to fulfill the need of such human resources in the community. Through these training we are also trying to highlight the significance of psychosocial counseling in an individual’s life in the community and enhance the existing counseling techniques of women activists. One of the prime objectives of this training is to incorporate women’s perspective in psychosocial counseling.

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