Who are we?

Tarangini Mahila Adhikar Prashikshyen Kendra (Tarangini Foundation), established in 2017, is a non-profitable organization working on an initiative for integrated security and feminist documentation. The Sanskrit word ‘tarangini’ means tranquility in English. This term was chosen for the institute because it better represents the harmonious relationship among the women who have been engaging in the feminist movement of Nepal since long. The reciprocity and exchange among the women activists and their organizations which has been continuing for more than 25 years is counted as an important asset to take the feminist movement into new heights.

Apart from the movement created by women activists and their organizations centered in Kathmandu, the feminist movement generated by the simple country women residing at the villages afar from capital, especially at the grassroots level, is even more strong and full of strength. However, there are some lapses in the feminist movement in the remote villages. The existing practice and trend of feminist movement in those areas needs to be analyzed. All the struggle and sacrifices made by Nepalese women while working in these movements needs to be cited properly. Tarangini Foundation was thus established to do critical analysis of the feminist movement itself as well as spread the message that the movement would be incomplete unless we evaluate the issues of women rights properly.

Nepal has a history of more than 100 years of feminist struggle from below for equality, social justice and right to bodily integrity. History of socio-political transformation in Nepal suggests that the struggle undertook different methodologies and women were/are actively engaged in different forms of social-political transformations. Women have made remarkable contribution to bring Nepal to the stage where she is now. However, the struggle of women; especially those from the grassroot level, is hardly recognized or acknowledged. These struggles need to be documented and brought forward. Tarangini Foundation was established to document the knowledge generated by feminists from ground level and to support those tireless feminists who are at the verge of  straining themselves by providing them with self-care skills, workshops and need based support. The major areas of intervention of Tarangini Foundation are to strengthen the feminist movement by providing guidance and support to young feminists in the form of feminist mentorship, support feminists with self-care skills and workshops, document feminist struggles and disseminate them.


Tarangini Foundation will be established as an organization that supports women activists.


Strengthen women human rights defenders to advance women human rights.

Specific Objective

To develop, test and implement three modules on holistic security by the end of this strategic planning.

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